illuminate Education is an entrepreneurship education organisation that is focused and passionate about supporting the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs, small business champions, leaders and changemakers. We’re entirely focused on equipping every Australian student to

Believe in Tomorrow Today

through our interactions with schools and communities through the programs we deliver to build their capacity and skills. By this, we want to see these students to

  • Believe in their own skills and abilities to lead positive change in their own lives and in those around them,
  • To believe in their future (Tomorrow) recognising the vast array of opportunities that are open to each and every person, and
  • To start learning the skills Today that will help them make positive steps immediately.

and to help them in this direction, we deliver this through teaching and equipping students with business and entrepreneurial skills. All of our programs are practical to ensure students can authentically experience these skills and abilities to grow in their own confidence, as well as providing an opportunity for students to showcase their abilities to parents, family members and their community.

So how do we do this?

illuminate Education designs and delivers intensive education programs that often run over a week, allowing students to experience first-hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and small business champions. Facilitated by skilled staff with the support of the local business community, students learn what it takes to start a new business in a week, going through the process of developing the idea, refining it, making sure it connects with customers and is viable – all the way up to pitching for investment to get it off the ground! With specially designed for high schools, primary schools and the ability to customise programs for your own needs that aligns to Australian Curriculum outcomes and delivered by trained educators, illuminate Education provides the opportunity for your students to thrive and learn in an environment like no other.

High Schools

The illuminate:nextgen Challenge is a week-long intensive program that allows secondary students (Year 7 to 12) to experience first-hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and small business champions. Facilitated by skilled staff with the support of the local business community, students learn what it takes to start a new business in a week, going through the process of developing the idea, refining it, making sure it connects with customers and is viable – all the way up to pitching for investment to get it off the ground!

Primary Schools

The illuminate:nextgen JNR Challenge is an exciting program that introduces primary school students (Years 4-6) to the skills that are key to being leaders of the future, what it takes to think like an entrepreneur and the capacity to succeed in education into the future. Facilitated by skilled staff from illuminate Education with the support of the local business community, students learn about solving a relevant problem in the world, how to develop and refine an idea, look at how to make it financially viable and present it in a persuasive way – all skills students will need to succeed in the future.

Custom Programs

With years of experience and knowledge of entrepreneurial education, illuminate Education enjoys opportunities to engage with schools and businesses to design custom programs where we can share our insights and deliver a program based on the intended outcomes. With our mix of experience across business, education, economic and community development, we understand the key outcomes of partners and what schools are looking to achieve and help create and deliver an authentic and engaging opportunity for all involved.

Core Passions

We’re driven in helping students across Australia Believe In Tomorrow Today, and deliver this in accordance with our core passions outlined below. This is how we deliver what we do and we will never compromise on these values as this is what makes us tick, and what makes illuminate Education unique.

We passionately believe in the power of education to empower individuals and provide the spark for a brighter future. We are doing more than educating the group of students, but giving them permission to take on the world and through that giving them the skills to do so.

Our focus is to promote a culture of entrepreneurship across every community we impact, with a focus on youth first. Through educating and empowering the youth, they will share the experiences with their family who also take part of the program, who in then influence the community for the better.

While we teach students to be the entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future, we recognise these skills have a wider impact. We focus on knowledge construction, collaboration, reflection, creativity, problem solving, digital literacy, financial literacy, communication and presentation skills. These skills are not knowledge skills, but practical skills that students can implement every single day to thrive in the modern world.

Our focus is to support regional and remote communities who cannot normally experience programs like ours, travelling into their communities to deliver an authentic learning experience. We will push to have a majority of our programs outside of capital cities, working with our partners to focus their support into the communities that can benefit most.

We are unashamedly focused on delivering results for all involved. We closely track all data from student evaluations to ensure that our programs are making an impact in the time we have with the students, and follow up after the program to ensure the impact is long lasting. We also focus on ensuring outcomes for our partners, leveraging their investment further than achieving their outcomes to creating an impact that goes beyond what they could have achieved without the partnership with illuminate Education.

Although we are focused on delivering and supporting student growth in real world skills and experiences, we ensure that everything is educationally relevant. This includes having staff attend regular professional development sessions with teachers, a preference for staff who are qualified teachers across all programs and aligning all programs with the Australia Curriculum, Australian Blueprint for Career Development and state-based work-skills curriculums where relevant

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What Others Say

Don’t just take our word about the benefits of the illuminate:nextgen Challenge – here are some teachers who have been involved in past programs reflecting on the program.

“The nextgen Challenge has .. become one of Riverside High Schools priorities as an educational activity outside the normal curriculum. The students are given an amazing opportunity to experience the world of work in a truly invigorating and educational environment. All students should experience something like this in their journey through high school.”

Amanda Claridge
Assistant Principal, Riverside High School, TAS

“In this rapidly changing world with the rise of emerging economies and onset of digital disruption, programs like Illuminate are absolutely critical to regional communities. Rather than seeing change as a threat, Illuminate opens the eyes of our young people to the opportunities that change presents.”

Tim Watson
General Manager, Dorset Council, Tas

“The illuminate:nextgen Challenge was, as described by one of our students at our school’s end of year awards ceremony, a life changing experience for our Year 10 students. The week created such a positive vibe amongst those doing the challenge and indeed, throughout the entire school, and students from all years seemed to be taking an active interest. It certainly allowed our students to develop all of those ’21st century skills’ that everyone is talking about – self-directed learning, leadership, team-work, stress management, time prioritisation, meeting deadlines, innovative and creative thinking and public-speaking, with that all important exposure to how a business works. I really do believe that this challenge, and the skills that were developed by students, will have a lasting impact on them, not only for success in Year 11 and 12, but also post-school education and in their working lives.”

Dale Massie
HSIE Teacher, Terrigal High School, NSW

“Thank you and your team for the fantastic experience had by our students during the illuminate:nextgen Challenge. Our students were engaged throughout and took away many valuable new insights in regards to the world of business and also valuable insights into how they respond to a challenge. The event was fantastically managed, flowed effortlessly and delivered the right balance of expert input with student work. Both you [Adam] and Gabrielle were excellent role models for the kids and ran the week in a professional and engaging manner. As a staff member supervising students, I enjoyed myself throughout the week and would love the opportunity to attend again with another group of students ready to take our business pitch to a new level!!”

Eric Radice
Teacher, Yule Brook College, WA

“A student knocked on my door the day after the illuminate:nextgen Challenge and explained how it was the best week of her school life and can she do it again!”

Stacey Exner
Executive Principal, Dubbo College, NSW

“The illuminate:nextgen Challenge gave our students from 13 schools an extraordinary experience where they applied the great skills they are getting to a real world situation beyond the classroom. They excelled throughout the entire challenge process using real life skills around interrogating information to solve a problem creatively, research, digital literacy, presentation, market research and collaboration. The students grew so much throughout the experience and they readily articulated that learning. A wonderful opportunity to try the real world in a great learning environment. Cannot recommend the challenge highly enough!”

Shayne Player
Principal, Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College – Tumbi Umbi Campus, NSW

“Reports back from our students who were involved in the challenge are uniformly enthusiastic, and every participant rates the illuminate:nextgen Challenge as one of the most valuable learning experiences they’ve had in high school. Best of all, the impressive amount of preparation and foresight that has gone into the nextgen Challenge ensures that the week runs very smoothly, with enough to keep students spurred on and working, but not too much to overload them.”

Bob Ashby
Sheffield School, TAS

“The students completed a massive amount of work, but more than that demonstrated true character in their exhibition of teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, inquiry and organisation. It was truly humbling to see them step up and thrive during this challenge. They should be proud of themselves and [fellow teachers] should be proud to know that the work you do with these students every day played a huge part in their ability to succeed in this challenge.”

Ryan Barron
Head Teacher – Teaching & Learning Coach, Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College – Tumbi Umbi Campus, NSW

“The illuminate:nextgen Challenge was an amazing opportunity for our students to discover things about themselves they would not have been about to explore in the everyday classroom. The way the program was run was exceptional, teaching students about the various elements of running a business, giving them practical skills and then allowing them to “get their hands dirty” by applying their new enterprise knowledge. Students were extended and pushed to achieve some incredible results and the comments since they have returned have been nothing but positive.”

Lou Christie
ICT Teacher, Clarence High School, TAS

“”The illuminate:nextgen Challenge was a valuable experience for our Year 9 students. Yes, students learnt a lot about what it takes to start up a business. Importantly, they also learnt a lot about collaboration, communication, working under pressure and problem solving. Students were encouraged to participate in a real-world experience, beyond the classroom, to bring their ideas to life. Students stepped up and pushed themselves that little bit further to complete the challenge.”

Rebekah Bessant
AVID Coordinator, John Tonkin College, WA

“”What a week! The students were engaged, the presenters were authentic, and the simulations were as close to a real business experience as one could ever hope for. A business team challenge like this encompasses many areas of any curriculum – literacy and communication, numeracy, ICT, public speaking and presentation, current affairs, values and ethics. Students are challenged to present their work in front of academics, “real business people” and the general public. Illuminate have created a brilliant programme that is accurately targeted at years 9 and 10 – they really understand what they’re about.”

Mark Smithies
Business Studies and ICT Teacher, Devonport High School, TAS

“The illuminate:nextgen Challenge was an awesome experience for our students. They were provided with a level of challenge greater than they would normally experience and were placed in a working environment that allowed them to explore their ideas and skills in a mature workspace. The ownership that the students demonstrated of their idea from brainstorming to the final product was key and their sense of achievement at the end of the week was enormous. Students were empowered by the experience and felt great pride in their success.”

Benjamin Joyce
Teacher, Erina High School, NSW

“The illuminate:nextgen Challenge is a full and very well executed program that encourage students to think big and really test their own boundaries. What I love about the program is that students are submerged into an environment where they can take charge of their own learning. I have witnessed students gain skills in personal presentation, public speaking and most of all, team work. They are able to assume, and often excel, in roles that mimic the real world challenges of business including management, product development, finances and marketing. It’s a fantastic program that inspires students to realise what they are really made of!”

Karli Franks
Business & Engagement Manager, Beacon Foundation, TAS

Who We Are

We’ve got an incredible team who deliver our programs across the country who are all passionate about supporting and inspiring Australia’s next generation.


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2017 Australia’s Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs // 2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year

In any given week, Adam Mostogl might be helping young entrepreneurs to kick-start their companies, stimulating small businesses to challenge the status quo, challenging communities to understand their potential or teaching hundreds of students to embrace innovation to solve the problems of the future. Adam is passionate about embracing creative and innovative solutions to common problems, with experience in retail, heavy industry, tourism, hospitality, brand management and marketing, government, business and economic development. Since 2010, over 5100 young Australians have undertaken entrepreneurial education programs lead by Adam as the Founder of illuminate Education, which focuses on inspiring students to recognise how they can be the job creators of the future.


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