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Leverage the experience of Adam Mostogl and illuminate Education to support your business or school outcomes in your community.

With years of experience and knowledge of entrepreneurial education, illuminate Education enjoys opportunities to engage with schools and businesses to design custom programs where we can share our insights and deliver a program based on the intended outcomes. With our mix of experience across business, education, economic and community development, we understand the key outcomes of partners and what schools are looking to achieve and help create and deliver an authentic and engaging opportunity for all involved.

Primarily led by Adam Mostogl (Top 30 Under 30 Australian Entrepreneurs 2017, Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year 2015), these programs are carefully prepared to give students the skills they need for their future, but can be shaped to be short intensive programs or longer forms that run over multiple weeks depending on the outcomes, time allowed and budget. illuminate Education operates as efficiently as possible in all endeavours when designing these programs, recognising that all resources are valuable when it comes to inspiring the next generation of students.

With students commenting that illuminate Education challenges are one of the most impactful experiences they have at school, let’s partner together to ensure your activities and outcomes make the impact you envisage they should make in an educational context.

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previous collaborations

Lighting The Pathways

June 2014
Partners: The University of Tasmania, Hawthorn Hawks, MONA & Tourism Tasmania

This collaboration was through the Pathways to Success program delivered by the University of Tasmania, where we were looking to engage with Aboriginal students and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to help raise their aspirations in further education and the impact they can have on the community. There were four industry areas that the program was focused upon, with the Lighting the Pathways program focused on tourism.

This program saw students from around the Tamar Valley participate in a four-day intensive program, where they were tasked with generating a piece of art that reflected Tasmania with associated documentation and presentations that allowed them to convey important information. With presentations from representatives from the tourism industry and creative community in Northern Tasmania, students focused their creative expressions in meaningful ways to build aspirations for their future and explore further learning opportunities, including site visits and campus tours. Completing the program in teams from their schools, students presented an artwork that was subsequently displayed at a regular season AFL match in Launceston in front of over 10,000 people, as well as completing presentations about their concept and development of the artwork, a budget for the completed work and a plan on how it would be moved from location to location. All of these skills align with the enterprise skills illuminate Education fosters in all programs, with the creative artwork being the unique piece that helped students explore the other content.

While only run once, it was one of the first initiatives of the Pathways to Success team, and saw collaborations with key industry partners that allowed the students to work with leaders across the community who got to recognise the skill and ability of these students.

illuminate:nextgen Challenge | West Coast

November 2015
Partners: Hydro Tasmania, MMG Rosebery, TasTAFE & The University of Tasmania

While this collaboration was delivered as an illuminate:nextgen Challenge for students from Mountain Heights & Rosebery District High Schools, the focus was slightly different to others due to the partnership with Hydro Tasmania. This was delivered as part of their community engagement in the region as they reviewing their operations and impact on the community, allowing the organisation to reach students, parents and the wider community through our education program.

Students were tasked with developing a tourism business that was based on the lakes of the hydro-electric scheme in the region, taking into account the standard operations that would see lake levels rise and fall over time. Presentations were given to students about these operations by local staff in the region as well as other factors that could influence the water levels, including cloud seeding, that helped students fully appreciate the hydro-electric scheme that was in their local community. With contributions from local businesses and staff of Hydro Tasmania throughout the week, students were immersed in the learning environment for four days and presented compelling business ideas at the conclusion of the week.

The students involved in the program all benefited from the skills of the typical illuminate:nextgen Challenge experience, however the biggest success was for Hydro Tasmania, with staff commenting on having a greater pride in their work and employer, even learning some key employability skills along side the students that will help them with their future progression.

nextgen STEAM Challenge

June 2018
Partners: Scotch Oakburn College

This collaboration has occurred after conversations between illuminate Education and Scotch Oakburn College, to authentically allow students to explore the skills they need for the modern working environment, especially in the field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics). Through exploring how to support the school to achieve these key aims, the challenge has expanded to help achieve other key aims within the school, allowing the knowledge and experience of illuminate Education to be used to maximum effect.

In this program, students will have two full weeks immersed in the challenge, allowing them to deeply explore a modern adult learning environment within the school grounds, where students will present a concept of how they want to make a positive impact on their community through STEAM, with time allocated for students to then develop the prototype of their concept. Students will have to deal with time and budgetary pressures that are relevant to both the school and the modern world, as well as presenting their progress and research in numerous forms across the week to community stakeholders for feedback and assessment. This program is also designed to allow students and teachers to explore a project-based learning experience over a longer period, designed to drive engagement and build cross-curricular skills that they can take with them into the future.

This program will be delivered in June 2018

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