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Recently, I had the chance to be part of a conversation around youth unemployment, and how community programs can make a positive impact in this space. As part of the framework, they talked about the changing job market that is on the horizon and the three significant factors we need to take into account – globalisation, automation and flexibility. However, listening to the way they presented it, I noticed a worrying trend…

These three shifts in the way that we work are being presented as problems for the future economy, without understanding the opportunities that it creates. It’s as if we don’t want it to change, and we’re complaining that it is going to change.

However, these are three of the most significant opportunities that young people can grass with the right support and insights.

Flexibility is something that I keep seeing young people desire in the workplace. While jumping across jobs is something we need to support how to do within a hectic life, the ability to try different things in a way that best suits you is something we can’t underestimate for the well-being of the future workforce.

Globalisation is creating opportunity where what we do in our local community, now can be influential in countries all across the world, especially as the skill set required to thrive in the modern world becomes a global skillset, rather than a unique one for each regional community. This means if you are doing something of impact, the world is something you can conquer, rather than just being restricted to your own town or stoned.

And then automation means but jobs of the future will require creativity and problem solvers, to look beyond the algorithm to make real think that. These are the roles that excite many of us, that allow us to feel that we make an impact on what we do, and we’ll drive engagement for all ages.

At illuminate Education, we see these shifts in the future workforce as opportunities, and no we have to prepare young people for the incredible opportunities in front of them. That is why we talk about young people being confident creative and capable because we need them to have these core skills and abilities to thrive in the future. We need to show young people the opportunities that they can have through applying their skills and knowledge, solving real problems that need to be addressed, but taking into account the practicalities of a modern workforce. This is what excites us every single day, and always energises us to reach more communities across Australia, and across the world.

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