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We’ve adapted our illuminate:nextgen Challenge with industry-specific content and submissions for a number of fields, allowing students to use the innovative framework of our programs to explore opportunities and specific knowledge in these fields. These programs have very different schedules to our traditional program, deepening students understanding of these fields while still developing skills that are essential in every industry.

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These industry-specific programs have a different format and set of submissions to our traditional programs, stepping away from exploring more general aspects of business and entrepreneurship to focus on skills and documents that are more relevant to the field, while still using the innovative framework due to the way students engage with the content as well as understanding that these skills are critical to most industries today. Through the close alignment to industry and workforce development outcomes through delivering a program like this aligned to an industry, these programs are targeted towards Year 8 – 10 students but could impact anyone in high school across Australia.

All of the industry-specific programs are designed with input from experienced people in the field, ensuring that the challenge is as authentic as possible and also containing relevant skill development to either address current shortages to best prepare our young people to pursue a future in this area.

To find out more about these programs, select the industry area you are interested in finding out more about, or else contact us directly about other industry sectors as we are always working on new opportunities to engage with young people across Australia to develop confidence, creativity and capacity to achieve their full potential.

Piloting in 2020.

One of the key pillars of Australia’s economy is our agricultural sector – and for it to remain so, the industry requires creative solutions and farmers to the current pressures faced by the industry. The agri-business version of the challenge will take students through the basics of selling and promoting their produce to customers or suppliers, but will begin by students examining a block of land to consider which is the ideal use of that property to create produce that is of value and sustainable for the long term.

This program has been shaped with input from industry leaders and also recognises that agriculture is integrated into many different subject areas, which are utilised to create a unique learning opportunity that has strong entrepreneurial skills as well as practical insights into operating an agri-business in Australia.

A lot is made of the importance of STEAM in Australia’s economy, but for students to see the wide-ranging impact, they need to be immersed in the fields to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. This program (running over 1 week or 2) allows for students to explore issues, conduct background research, prepare research proposals and experiments, test and evaluate their methods, and report back around an intevention that is a solution that uses science, technology, engineering, arts and/or mathematics. Teams focus on how to creatively communicate their ideas throughout the program – especially leveraging creative expression through arts – developing skills that are critical to all of these fields for the future.

This program has been shaped with input from industry leaders and also recognises that STEAM fields are critical to most industries, which are utilised to create a unique learning opportunity that has strong entrepreneurial skills as well as practical insights into developing solutions to challenges within Australia.

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