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With the motto “Believe in Tomorrow Today”, illuminate Education is entirely focused on connecting the potential and aspirations of our community’s future with the present by building strong partnerships between businesses, community organisations and schools.

Having worked with numerous organisations across Australia from local councils to universities, community organisations to national businesses, professional organisations to government departments, illuminate Education has the experience to create a win-win-win partnership. These partnerships allow for the supporters to achieve their aims, for illuminate Education to be able to work with the local community, and most importantly all of the students involved will be empowered and inspired for their future.

Coupled with experience in brand management and partnership development, illuminate Education can help organisations and businesses support meaningful change and opportunities for youth in their community. This lasting impact will do more than achieve brand recognition and strategic outcomes – you’ll forever influence an entire group of young Australians to Believe in Tomorrow Today.

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Our Partners and Supporters

We are lucky to work with a number of incredible organisations across Australia, who all share our passion for the next generation of entrepreneurs, small business champions, leaders and changemakers.

National Partner

These incredible partners provide the support and backing to help illuminate Education inspire hundreds of students across Australia.

Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand

Education Partner

We closely align with AVID Australia’s focus in learning, and regularly go through training to embed their high engagement strategies in our programs.

AVID Australia

Victorian Partner

Deakin’s Business School empowers and expands our reach across Victoria with staff and student ambassador involvement.

Deakin University

Funding & Hosting Partners

These organisations help fund programs to bring them into their region, host programs and being a strong collaborator in programs that are in their area.

School Partners

These schools prioritise the skills we are passionate about, and partner with us to reach large cohorts of students within their learning community.

Want to Partner?

There are many ways to partner with illuminate Education – from personally volunteering your time to provide advice and feedback to the students through to financially supporting our programs to help reduce the planning and associated running costs.

In our endeavour to inspire as many Australian’s as possible, our preferred option is to always work with partners and like-minded organisations who share our passion – and where we can work together to support achieve your outcomes too.

To structure the support available, below are some of the common partnership levels we offer;

Our national partners are critical to helping illuminate Education reach students all across Australia, through making a significant investment in time and support to inspire and equip students for the future. While the relationship is shown on program documentation, mentioned throughout programs and we’ll always look to your staff and partners as the first choice for all in person contributions throughout the program to strengthen the brand awareness, the benefits of this level are fine-tuned to the outcomes of these organisations across multiple regions, further increasing the impact of your investment. We also carefully protect your investment by making your support industry exclusive, so no other organisation in your industry can support our programs, ensuring that there is clarity about your support for the future entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers of our nation.

All benefits packages and outcomes are shaped in partnership, so if you and your organisation have specific areas of interest or outcomes you would like to see achieved, please get in touch with us.

For organisations who are passionate about their region or state, we are excited to explore potential collaborations that could occur. Through these discussions, we’ll ensure that our collaboration creates the impact and benefits you are looking to pursue while also impacting all who are involved in the program too. Support is recognised through being recognised as a partner on all documentation and first invite for all speaking and judging roles to allow your people be showcased as well, creating an authentic impact of your brand. We also carefully protect your investment by making your support industry exclusive, so no other organisation in your industry can support our programs, ensuring that there is clarity about your support for the future entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers of the region.

All benefits packages and outcomes are shaped in partnership, so if you and your organisation have specific areas of interest or outcomes you would like to see achieved, please get in touch with us.

This is a fantastic way to ensure that illuminate Education can bring our program to your region or community, and represents an incredible investment in the future of your region.

As the naming rights partner for the challenge, your support will be recognised with the challenge being co-branded with your organisation, recognising your integral support. This will be highlighted in all media coverage and referred to constantly during the program, as well as having a representative of your organisation to help hand out the final awards. All major presentation opportunities throughout the challenge will be first offered to your organisation, to allow your organisation to be authentically represented throughout the challenge.

We’ve got strong supporters in all communities we travel to who are eager to get on support what we do for their community but may not be able to fund it outright – and we’re still keen to work with you in this. There is a limited number of supporting partners per program, where we’ll recognise your integral support in helping the program reach your region or financial support through displaying your brand on all program documentation which is referred to constantly throughout the challenge. Through discussing these options, we will also look at how to have your staff and focus integrated into the program that aligns with all of the other partners involved in the program.

Our hosting partners help the education experience through providing a venue for us to run the program out of while it is in the region, either at a discounted charge or for no charge at all. This is key for us to host all of the students in a central location, and a great way for organisations to showcase their commitment to the community. Your support will be acknowledged through all materials as well as the recognition all involved will get out of physically interacting with your venue. For more details and to discuss how the program operates and can utilise your venue, please get in touch.

We’re always passionate to celebrate student achievement in the program, and our award event supporters partner with us in this. While it is smaller than some of the other supporter levels in terms of investment, it allows for your organisation’s support to be recognised throughout the program and especially as part of the event, where the community, parents and VIPs are invited to attend.

If you are eager to support the illuminate:nextgen Challenge getting to your region, let’s talk about how you can help us support your community. There are so many ways to help us ensure the program is extremely successful, including;

  • Being a speaker, judge or contributor to the program,
  • Helping broker partnerships in the community to leverage your networks to bring illuminate Education to the region,
  • Discussing in-kind support that could be offered throughout the program,
  • Exploring possible opportunities for illuminate Education to impact your community and achieve your outcomes.

Learn More

The best way to find out how illuminate Education can collaborate with your organisation is to get in touch with us directly – just scroll down the page and get in touch to talk further.

In Your School?

illuminate Education also delivers illuminate:nextgen Challenges in schools for an entire year group to benefit from the program, where we can support key aspects of strategic plans and community goals – just get in touch with us to explore this option.

What Others Say

Don’t just take our word about the benefits of supporting the illuminate:nextgen Challenge – here are some of our supporters reflecting on the program and the impact in their region.

“The value of illuminate Education cannot be underestimated. Their expertise in terms of being able to connect with students, industry experts and curriculum content – and bringing them all together in a dynamic and meaningful way for our prospective students – is very powerful.”

“We’ve received so much positive feedback about our illuminate:nextgen Challenge business workshops that we’ve expanded our program with them in 2018 – in order to reach out to even more students than we can ever bring to campus.”

“One of the most common things we hear from our students is the illuminate:nextgen Challenge experience has been life-changing for them. In addition to opening their eyes to the basics of running a business, the illuminate:nextgen Challenge program inspires them about the opportunities of a business education, and the life-long skills that it can give them.”

“Even our staff who participate have said that the NextGen program has literally been one of their career highlights.”

Alex Kho
Marketing & Development Manager, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University

“In this rapidly changing world with the rise of emerging economies and onset of digital disruption, programs like Illuminate are absolutely critical to regional communities. Rather than seeing change as a threat, Illuminate opens the eyes of our young people to the opportunities that change presents.”

Tim Watson
General Manager, Dorset Council, Tas

“Bringing illuminate Education into a regional area is fabulous for our students who often have to travel to attend events. Bringing the program to them and making the focus for the week on their community gives them a broader understanding of the local issues and potential of the area in which they live.”

“It is great to see the students develop their skills during the week, becoming more self-directed, being resourceful and developing their team working skills. It also great to have teachers in the room who can see the potential in their students as well as learning new skills including teaching strategies that they can then take back into the classroom.”

Pam Waters
Program Coordinator, Gippsland East LLEN

Contact illuminate

We’re always eager to hear from people who are interested in what we do – whether you are a school, a potential partner or someone who just wants to get on board with what we do. You can either get in touch with us directly below, or else use the form on this page and we’ll respond to you shortly;

Partners & Supporters

We’ve worked with some great organisations over the years inspiring students across Australia, and you can join them!