Upcoming Programs

We’re excited to have you interested in participating in one of our education programs that are coming up soon! Below is a map so you can see where our upcoming programs are, both programs that are running across Australia that schools can enter students into, and ones where we are working within schools to deliver this experience for all of their students.

Scroll down to see where we’ll be soon, and make sure you register your students to be involved in the challegne!

As a guide, all programs with red pins allow entry from other schools, whereas the blue pins are programs being run in particular schools for their students.

Please zoom into your local region to see other programs, as in many populated areas we run multiple programs.

Contact illuminate

We’re always eager to hear from people who are interested in what we do – whether you are a school, a potential partner or someone who just wants to get on board with what we do. You can either get in touch with us directly below, or else use the form on this page and we’ll respond to you shortly;

Partners & Supporters

We’ve worked with some great organisations over the years inspiring students across Australia, and you can join them!