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We are illuminate Education Australia, an exciting enterprise focused on Activating young Australian’s confidence, creativity and capability to reach their full potential.


We deliver authentic entrepreneurial education programs where problems in the community are solved by students. Our programs teach more than just entrepreneurial skills, they provide an opportunity for students to develop a core set of life skills that they can use from the very first day of the program to the rest of their life. We have grouped these life skills as:


  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Presentation Skills


  • Critical Thinking
  • Inquiry (Research)
  • Digital Literacy
  • Financial Literacy

Solving Problems

  • Creativity
  • Design Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Reflection


  • Collaboration
  • Organisation
  • Perseverance


As well as providing authentic experiences to develop and explore the core set of life skills shown above, every program we deliver provides young people with an opportunity to showcase their capacity to their peers, the school community, family and the wider community.

To do this, participants work through a relevant issue in their community with industry experts helping to unlock the knowledge of this area, and then in teams, they look at new and innovative ways to overcome these challenges. Throughout the program, they build their idea to be sustainable and engaging in exploring a range of business elements and key entrepreneurial skills that are introduced throughout the entire experience.

All aspects of the challenge align with The Australian & Victorian Curriculum (including VCAL) and employability skill frameworks including the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, carefully delivered by experienced facilitators with real-world industry experience to create an engaging learning environment for all.

Participants work on the following

  • Build a knowledge base to define the problem they want to address,
  • Creativity explore possible solutions and test for impact,
  • Develop business models to create sustainable change,
  • Create marketing collateral to gain a social license, and
  • Present a pitch and prototype of their idea.

History of illuminate education australia

While illuminate Education first started delivering programs in 2011, the reason for Adam Mostogl to start the business started many years before. Having started his first business at the age of 18, which was an audio-visual production business that ran live music concerts as well as a film production agency, Adam met a lot of young people who did not have the strong business knowledge to convert their passion and skills in the creative fields into an income stream. This meant that while Adam was being paid to film or make them sound good, most did not know how to invoice or charge for their time. While this was occurring, Adam was invited to join a youth taskforce which looked at helping students make the leap from full-time study to full-time work, and from his interactions here, he realised that every single young person in Tasmania was leaving school without the knowledge of how small business works. Those who did business subjects as electives in schools where this was offered learned a lot about larger businesses, but when around 95% of Tasmanian businesses employ less than 5 staff, most of the insights were not relevant to the businesses these students would either start or work in.

With this foundation, Adam Mostogl wrote the first illuminate:nextgen Challenge and delivered this in 2011 to 38 students from 4 schools across Launceston, Tasmania. Taking a week off from his full-time role in retail at the time, Adam pulled together everyone from his networks to make the program something of value for the students, and it was not long before he was having conversations with stakeholders to ensure the challenge would be run regularly and expanded to reach more students.

From these beginnings, illuminate Education has remained based in Launceston, but the impact of the programs have expanded much further, with challenges run across Australia and influence internationally in education and enterprise education, helping more young people to believe in tomorrow today. However, as these programs have been delivered and illuminate Education now engages with stakeholders across the country and the world, the true impact of the challenge has been seen and this has been shown in the shift of the types of programs that illuminate Education Australia delivers currently.

While the business and challenge was originally designed to help young people see opportunities and gain experience in what it is like to start and run their own small business, the conditions created in the challenge resulted in a highly engaging learning environment meant that students were developing the skills required for the modern working world. The focus has always been to help prepare young people for the modern world that they are entering and will be the future leaders of, but with a greater appetite for the broad skills the challenge develops, illuminate Education has positioned our education programs to be focused on activating the next generation of confident, creative and capable young people they have the potential to be. This exciting shift positions illuminate Education Australia as an industry-leading education provider, working in the gaps of the traditional classroom-based curriculum with an expertly facilitated experience that motivates and inspires students, teachers and the wider community – further enhancing the impact and outcomes of our endeavours.

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Activating young Australian’s confidence, creativity and capability to reach their full potential.

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